Project goals

The goal of the project is a fully functional prototype of a experimental hybrid automobile for which a linear combustion engine would serve as a primary source of power.

Currently we are working on design and production of a first prototype based on results of test of functionality of the concept of the first working LCE model functionality test.

The purpose of a functional model creation was to find out whether the system can be controlled using the current technology. The design of the first functional model concept lacked some technological implications that could be critical for a real-life prototype. Some of those are: a functional lubrication design, a press air source for fuel injection, suction, exhaust and ignition system optimization and some other components.

A first prototype of the LCE should gain from all the experiences gathered during the first functional model testing. The purpose of this prototype was to verify the suitability of LCE of the experimental hybrid automobile.

The next goal of the linear engine project will be a creation of a compact electric generator, with a higher effectiveness and higher output ration compared to classical electric generators with the rotary engines. Another purpose of the project is also an economical technical and technological comparison of this concept to a fuel unit of a similar output.

The last goal will be a use of LCE for cogenerations units.