My research

Adaptive Learning Systems was the subject of my interest, when I began working at the Department of Control Engineering. First serious work was development of electrochemical memory cells - memistors. This element serve as analog memory for adaptive neural net(ADALINE). Results of this activity was some article in journals, research reports and 1 patent. Stochastic computing technique and its application for adaptive controllers was my next research theme. The main research activity after 1980 are focused on optimal control of Combustion Engine and generally all automotive control systems. During this time I designed many variant of electronic control units for SKODA And TATRA car in cooperation with autoelectronic factory PAL , SKODA and TATRA. Adaptive Microcontroller for SKODA 120 engine according our research was tested as first car with microprocessor on the board. All this activity are described in my Ph.D. Thesis. Significant project "Design and Development custom Integrated controller MH 1240 for combustion Engine control " is one of my most important project . All research activity in automotive control are described in my habilitation report in 1992. In present time is automotive control and electronic still in centrum of my research activity . During last ten years I am responsible worker or co-worker in 10 different projects (Grants). Now I am working on Linear combustion engine project -