Cogeneration unit

LCE can run on a wide variety of carbon-hydrogen or hydrogen fuels, therefore its use for cogenerations units is possible.

Such unit generates electricity just like the electric motor described earlier except for use of NG or bio gas but at the same time it uses waste heat from the LCE cooling system for heating purposes (some 50% of fuel consumption).

The overall use of fuel is then significantly more effective. The two cylinder LCE concept can be upgraded to either 4 or up to 8 cylinder unit in case of a higher output requirements. Such unit could be operating at a minimum vibration and a maximum output.

Electric generators

The Electric generator is the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a use of LCE since the LCE's output is solely in a form of electricity.

Presumably there would be an increase in an output ratio when compared to a traditional motor-generator system. Since a LCE control requires a three-phase power inventor it can be designed so that the oscillation frequency doesn't interfere with (one or three phase) power voltage frequency at the output.

If such system is equipped with an energy accumulator or a super capacitor then it can automatically turn off at a minimum operation, or turn off in cycles during a medium operation, and run full time during a full operation.

This way the thermodynamic efficiency of such power production increases compared to today's motor generators.