Functional model

The functional model is made up of two 50ccm cylinders positioned against each other. The model uses two-cycle system with a fuel ignition capacitor.

The currently used fuel is gas (petrol) although other means such as LPG, NG, and other carbon hydrogen fuels can be used after a simple modification. Hydrogen - the fuel of the future - can also be used.

We are using a direct fuel injection system to ensure a precise fuel mixture and to lower the cons of a two-cycle system.

The linear electrical motor-generator has an output of circa 1kW which make is the weakest part of the whole system (the combustion module's output is significantly higher). It was used since historically it was the most available and financially reasonable at the times when the project was started. Even as such, the system is fully functional and allows for testing and experimentation necessary for the future development.

However - as stated earlier - we are now working on an entirely new prototype which is, from the very beginning, being designed for the highest effectiveness possible.