Our team

There is a number of colleagues and students of Department of Control engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague that is behind the LCE project. Special thanks go to our department mechanic Mr. Cmelik who has been building majority of our functional model parts.

A lot of credit also goes out to our suppliers. Especially we would like to name Tuma and sons machine work-shop from Tachlovice near Prague, who built the entire mechanical prototype of the LCE. Also a vital part of the project was magnet assembly done by VUES Brno.

The whole LCE system and specifically the control unit were created mainly by the following team:

Ondřej Vysoký

Ondřej is a project leader and an originator of the LCE idea. He also designs each mechanical prototype.

Contact: vysokyo@fel.cvut.cz

Pavel Němeček

Pavel Němeček

Pavel is a lead developer and an author of the current LCE control unit.

Contact: nemecep1@fel.cvut.cz

Michal Šindelka

Michal Šindelka

Michal is an author of the first version of LCE control unit. He currently works as an external consultant.

Contact: sindelm@centrum.cz

Pavel Deutsch

Pavel Deutsch

Pavel's primary focus is on LCE combustion process optimization.

Contact: deutscp@fel.cvut.cz