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Tips For A Pool Party

Summer is here and we all want to go swimming and enjoy ourselves outside and if we are lucky, in a pool. When we go to a pool party we are usually sent outside to the pool area that will have patio enclosures in Vancouver, BC. These enclosures are great to allow people to get out of the sun and to allow access into the house without tracking in water.

Start the party early

You want to start the party fairly early. Typically, between noon and one is a great time to start. Depending on the weather though, you will want to determine when you don’t get direct sun over your pool.

Have enough refreshments.

You want to have enough refreshment for your guests. This may include such things as ice, water and soda pop. You can also have traditional pool side snacks like banana slices and peanut butter sandwiches.

Make it social.

In order to make it a social event you want everyone to talk with each other at the party. Have some card tables set up for people to play card games, monopoly or any other summer game that is available.

Think about the food.

In order for everyone to stay as long as possible you will want to have healthy foods that are offered. Here is a list of things that can be easily transported and eaten by guests at your pool party:

-Hot dogs: These are very easy to eat and can be cooked on a stick over the barbeque.

-Pizza: If you order it ahead of time you can have your guests enjoy pizza by the pool without having to worry about them getting messy with regular pizza. Include some cheese sticks too!

-Sandwiches: You can make sandwiches ahead of time and also include some delicious chips or cookies to go along with it.

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-Popsicles: This is a very easy way to offer refreshments without having to worry about spills or messes.

Have fun!!